Bonnie Milián

Full-length Talk: How to dive into deep learning (and not get drowned trying)

In this talk we’ll learn how to give the first steps into learning AI, through sharing my own experience we’ll review the excitement, suspense, frustration and hype around it. We’ll discuss some basic concepts that serve as starting point, how any of us, either beginner or seasoned developer, can get into AI and why it’s important to do at least some toe dipping into DL.

I'm Bonnie Milián a woman Developer, from Guatemala. On my work in Innovation Lab (Universidad Galileo) I develop projects combining state-of-the-art tools, and give or aid on workshops. I'm currently studying Systems Engineering and Computer Science (Universidad Galileo). I love playing with JS, I do a little bit of Deep Learning, Frontend, Backend, NodeBots :D I’m learning AI, NodeJS & ReactJS fan :D , Speaker & Workshoper beginner