Dale Spoonemore

Lightning Talk: Code the Change You Want to See in the World

3 years ago my wife and I began growing most of our own food. I’d never grown anything before and dedicated 2 years to obsessively learning about growing food. There’s a lot of information to memorize and to keep track of and from the beginning I knew a mobile app would make things much easier. I started learning how to code last year and released version 1 of our free mobile app that helps people grow food in November. This talk explains how I learned to code, how I built it, and some of the motivations behind why.

Dale Spoonemore is the creator of From Seed to Spoon, an iOS & Android mobile app that helps people grow food and manage pests in their garden. He's a member of the Surgical Care Affiliates software development team and lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and 4 children.