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Tulsa, OKLA

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Friday, May 17, 2024
Atlas School

200OK is a web developer-focused conference run by Oklahoma’s nonprofit tech organization, Techlahoma. Our audience is interested in the newest web technologies and tools. Connect with fellow web professionals and some of the best speakers in the country for a day of presentations about leading web tech topics.


  • Registration / Check-in
  • Welcome
  • Dev-Friendly Design: Intro to Object Oriented UX (OOUX) for Web Devs Elena Haskins
  • Blending Product Thinking with Architecture Joel Tosi
  • EI + AI = The Human Side of Tech Kristy Boone
  • Lunch Break Provided by RG Foods
  • The Frontend Revolution: Building Seamless AI-Driven User Experiences with React.js Camille Hall
  • Lightning Talks
  • Getting Good (or Better) at Code Reviews Rhia Dixon
  • Closing Remarks
  • Afterparty Welltown Brewing First drink is on us!


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15 N Cheyenne Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103
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Parking Information:
Parking is available in a lot 300 feet north of Atlas School. (120 N Boulder Avenue) Parking is not covered by Techlahoma, so please ensure you obey any instructions and signage for payment.

The brickwork on the front of the Atlas school building Students sitting in front of a stage, watching a presentation


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Meet the distinguished speakers who will be presenting at 200 OK, each bringing unique insights and experiences to enrich our understanding of the web development ecosystem.

  • Camille Hall

    The Frontend Revolution: Building Seamless AI-Driven User Experiences with React.js

    Camille Hall, the driving force behind Creative Ambition LLC, brings a unique perspective to AI-driven technology, shaped by her experiences where technology did not adequately cater to all users. She is eager to share her insights on developing AI that truly understands and adapts to individual user needs, reflecting her commitment to enhancing user experiences through personalized and intelligent design.

    Creative Ambition LinkedIn

    Camille Hall
  • Joel Tosi

    Blending Product Thinking with Architecture

    Co-author of Creating Your Dojo and Coaching for Learning, I have been helping organizations improve the way the work works for over a decade. This talk is really about getting to a better architecture, more closely aligned to the product, which allows teams to have lower cognitive load and just makes their jobs easier.

    Dojo and Co

    Joel Tosi
  • Rhia Dixon

    Getting Good (or Better) at Code Reviews

    Rhia Dixon is a technical architect and lead software developer for VML, a global brand and customer experience powerhouse agency headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. She provides logical, analytical, technical, and strategic direction to help internal and external development teams deliver high-quality web-based experiences.


    Rhia Dixon
  • Kristy K. Boone

    EI + AI: The Human Side of Tech

    Kristy K Boone is native to Oklahoma City and is currently a Master's of Education Student with an emphasis in Transformative Leadership & Education. Her consulting business provides strategic support to clients in the digital and tech space, as well as interactive trainings around trauma-informed communication and conflict resolution.

    Premium Impact, LLC LinkedIn

    Kristy K. Boone
  • Elena Haskins

    UX in a Bottle: Intro to Object Oriented UX (OOUX) for Web Devs

    Elena Haskins is a UX Product Designer that runs Anele UX Studio, She is Object-Oriented UX certified and uses this process to make all her products more intuitive. She has worked across all industries and companies from early-stage startups to enterprise clients like Prudential and Party City.

    Anele UX Studio LinkedIn

    Elena Haskins


What food will be provided?
RG Foods will provide the following through out the day:
  • Morning Refreshments
    • Fresh Fruit Variety
    • Variety of Pastries
    • Hashbrown Bake
  • Lunch
    • Sweet Potato Bar w/ Chicken and Vegan options
    • Farmers Market Salad
    • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
    • Assorted Cupcakes and Cheese Cakes
  • Afternoon Snack
    • Grazing Board