Frank Evans

How to Get Started in Data Science from Scratch

The world of data science is about as hot as a field can be right now. But, how can you get started leveraging your existing development background into data science. This talk will outline the basics of data science processes, terminology, and tools. It will describe a systematic approach to solving data science problems; from obtaining the data, cleaning it, modeling it using machine learning techniques, to communicating the findings to the world.

Frank D. Evans is a Data Scientist with Exaptive. He primarily works with machine learning and feature engineering using big data systems, specializing in unstructured and semi-structured data. His interests span natural language processing, political analysis, and building semi-supervised machine learning applications. Frank has a BS in Quantitative Social Science from St. Gregory’s University and a Master’s Specialization in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. He is a co-founder and organizer of the Oklahoma City Big Data User Group.

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