Jay Graber

Bootcamps and Learning How to Code

Programming is an incredibly useful skill, and going back to school is not necessarily the best way to learn. If you’re considering doing a coding bootcamp or teaching yourself how to code, there are more resources out there than ever before. It’s a long road from not knowing how to code to landing your first apprentice-level developer job, but I’ll share the tips and strategies of how I did it in less than a year.

Jay grew up in Tulsa, OK, and now lives in California, where she works as a software engineer at Skuchain, a blockchain startup in Silicon Valley. She started coding last year and realized she loves it, so she did a bootcamp in San Francisco to devote all her time to learning and getting up to speed with the latest web development practices. She is excited about the possibilities that cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers enable. Prior to transitioning into software development, she worked as an organizer on the East Coast around technology policy issues like net neutrality, surveillance reform, and affordable internet access.

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