Luke Crouch

Fixing Open Source Bugs

10 years ago I began my career in open source software. Today we use thousands of open source libraries to make software faster than ever before. Bugs in those libraries slow us down, and sometimes block our whole day.

In this talk, I’ll share some of my story and some tips to get OSS bugs fixed. I’ll also introduce a startup project I’m building to get OSS bugs fixed.

I write web code at Mozilla. I help organize some local tech communities: Tulsa Web Devs' mission is to make Tulsa on of the greatest cities in the world for web developers. Code for Tulsa is our Code for America Brigade. Techlahoma is a sate-wide foundation to support grassroots technology communities. I owe all my best experiences to the open-source community and try to give back. I sometimes work on an open-source side project start-up:

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