Myke Bates

Rapid Prototyping: Build Rome in an Hour

The day shut down was the day our office lost one of our favorite ways to pass the day. TurnTable was a really simple idea that let you host a room where 5 DJs would spin their favorite jams to a crowd in a round-robin fashion complete with all the usual social aspects (chat, like, lame, share, etc).

After a long while of mourning we finally decided to try and fill the TurnTable sized hole in our hearts. A few weeks later we finally had an idea of how we might be able to accomplish this. One lunch hour later a prototype was finished. Since then the prototype has evolved into a fully functioning web app known as Stomp. In this presentation we’ll cover the technology bits used to tie together an interesting idea in such a short amount of time and hopefully inspire you to think outside of the box to find simple solutions the next time a wild idea pops into your head.

Myke Bates is a web mastering, movie quoting, horror flick loving, metal music shredding, community building, music platform creating, front/back-end developing, pizza devouring, all around epically bad-ass tech junkie. Myke's a midwest mofo with code dripping from his fingers and stars in his eyes. Listen to him, collab with him, be inspired by him - or don't; this is a bio paragraph not a life coach.

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