Rob Carr

Creating a Truly Open Web, Accessibility in Design and Function

The Web creates and binds communities together in ways that just aren’t possible without it. As Web practitioners and technologists, we have to be sure that the Web that we create doesn’t discriminate against people that use technology in ways that might fall outside of our expectations.

Let’s spend some time talking about a more inclusive Web by making web apps that work for people with disabilities. You probably know that headings and alt text are important. But there is more to accessibility than structure and alt text. Keyboard interaction, focus management and visual styling all have a huge impact on how or if someone with a disability can use your app or not. Join me to talk a little bit about how disability can change user interaction and how to account for more varied interactions with your apps.

Rob Carr is the Accessibility Coordinator for Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Act Program, housed at Oklahoma State University. Rob helps organizations to embrace inclusion through technology and to stop digital discrimination. He trains and guides state agencies, higher education institutions and the occasional private sector partner to make accessibility efforts into sustainable programs. From high-level topics like accessibility in procurement and building accessibility initiatives to the nuts and bolts of PDF and web accessibility, Rob makes accessibility something that organizations can fit into their existing operations. Rob also speaks at local and national conferences on various accessibility-related topics and spearheads ABLE Tech's web and technology accessibility efforts.

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