Jane Prusakova

Full-length Talk: Effective Code Reviews

Code review is the best way to improve quality of the code base, find and fix more complicated bugs, and build a strong technical community. However, reviewing code can become a major obstacle to delivering on-time, cause serious conflict on the team, and even contribute to unsustainable, bug-prone development.

In this session, we will talk about developing better code review practices and techniques. Discuss the steps and time line of the code review cycle, the ways to limit the time spent in technical and stylistics arguments, and the tangible, quantifiable benefits teams realize as they incorporate code reviews in their workflow.

I am a software architect, developer, an Agile proponent, and a believer in building valuable software that users will love to use. I build large back-end systems that require high-performance and high-reliability, and process vast amounts of data. As a Principal Consultant for Improving Enterprises, I work with distributed teams on distributed software. Our most successful projects rise from excellent communication, rapid iterations, close contact with the client, and good infrastructure.

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