Kanat Bekt

Full-length Talk: Our Journey With Microservices

The microservices architecture has been around for decades, but has recently started becoming a buzzword every organization seems to be using nowadays. This pattern is loosely tied to the emergence of containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Engineers at SupplyPike adopted the architecture from the ground up when we had 2-3 engineers. Now that we have over 30 engineers, we want to share some of our very interesting journey with others.

We will discuss common pitfalls we have faced including but not limited to production setup, standardization, development and deployment cycles, scalability, performance, monitoring and alerting.

Kanat a lead infrastructure engineer of SupplyPike in Fayetteville, AR. Among many hats he wears, he is particularly interested in building the right culture, both technical and non-technical, in the fast growing environment. As a true hacker at heart, Kanat constantly builds and explores various technologies. Previously, he has started a technology company and worked for companies like Google, AWS, Amazon. Feel free to reach out to him to talk all and everything about technology.

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