Kassandra Perch

Full-length Talk: Severless Architecture in Node.JS

We keep hearing about this ‘serverless’ movement. Didn’t we just spend years fighting to make Node.JS relevant on servers? What is serverless, and how can it help us?

The fact of the matter is, cloud computing is allowing smaller and smaller devices access to greater and greater amounts of computing capability at a rapidly decreasing relative cost. Serverless is quickly becoming a very reasonable way to look at architecture, especially when juxtaposed with the microservices architecture movement.

This talk will go over what serverless architecture is, when and how it can help, and how Node.JS makes a great deal of sense when considering building a serverless architecture of your own.

a.k.a the Nodebotanist. Developer Relations Engineer at IOpipe. Serverless aficionado, bot builder, NodeBots author/addict. Austinite. Electrical Engineering student. They/them preferred pronouns.

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