Paul Gower

Lightning Talk: Overcoming Delay - How The Best Devs Increase Productivity

In the software industry, it’s common to be on a project with an aggressive timeline. Even if the schedule was correct, plans don’t always go the way you expect and become off track. Teams end up working more extended hours, try to add people to the project or make other heroic efforts to try and “save the day’ and finish on time. In my experience, rarely have those efforts worked and when it did, the team was so burned out it took several weeks to get motivated to tackle another project.

There should be a better way to complete projects on time, so teams feel a sense of accomplishment and are excited to take on the next project. In this session, we discuss some key behaviors you can do with your team, unlocking a better way to work to help the team succeed.

Paul is on a mission to help developers write better software that is easy to understand and maintain. Trained as a Kanban Management Professional and ScrumMaster, he has a unique background in software development and team leadership which provides his clients with unique advantages. In 2014, he started Lunamark to help improve client’s dev team’s efficiency using agile software development practices. Paul is also a Kanban Trainer for Huge IO and constantly learning new ways to work better!